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And here we have it, the 55 stories and works of art from this year's [community profile] hp_beholder exchange, now with names attached. Authors and Artist: you're at liberty to post your work wherever you want!

Once again, stories that were too long for a single IJ post were hosted on the HP Beholder Dreamwidth community. If anybody would like a Dreamwidth invite, email me at beholder.mod at gmail and let me know. Art, however, I still hosted on my own website, so Artists: please give me the new links for your art as soon as you re-upload, so that I can update the coding. And Authors: if you'd like me to add a preferred redirect for your stories, just let me know!

There's also a collection on the Archive of Our Own (AO3) for those of you who are interested in adding your hp_beholder fic. You can find the collection here:

If you'd like to add your stories to the collection but don't have an AO3 account, let me know and I'll arrange for an account invite.

(note: the AO3 is currently unable to host art, but...someday soon?)





I'd like to close with a few thanks…first to all the participants and watchers who offered to pinch hit, I'd also like to thank the authors who graciously agreed to behind-the-scenes re-assignments when the usual unavoidable difficulties arose.

And finally, for the fifth year, many thanks to all our wonderful participants (and their betas!) and all the folks who read stories and admired art and left feedback and made recs in their journals and who were so positive and supportive about the uncommon pairings that are at the heart of [community profile] hp_beholder.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, this year's HP Beholder is being dedicated to Leni Jess, a much-loved member of the HP Beholder community, whose unexpected passing this week has saddened us all. Rest peacefully, Leni.

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