May. 15th, 2014

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Here's one last round-up before reveals are posted on Monday, May 19th. What a wonderful collection we have this year!


  • "To That Which Improves with Age" (Albus Dumbledore/Horace Slughorn. PG13.) for purplefluffycat
  • " Untitled Andromeda/Sybill" (Andromeda Tonks/Sybill Trelawney. R.) for tarteaucitron


  • "Roses in December" (Minerva McGonagall/Neville Longbottom. R.) for odogoddess
  • "The Dim Light From Which Falls Stars" (Aurora Sinistra/Emmeline Vance. PG13.) for venturous
  • "Dirigible Plum" (Albus Dumbledore/Xenophilius Lovegood. PG13.) for wwmrsweasleydo
  • "Why Would You" (Millicent Bulstrode/Viktor Krum. PG13.) for alisanne
  • "Could Not Love You Any Better" (Amelia Bones/Charity Burbage. PG13.) for miramiraficfic
  • "Brittle" (Peter Pettigrew/Garrick Ollivander. R.) for magnetic_pole
  • "Enough for Now" (Minerva McGonagall/Augusta Longbottom, Amelia Bones/Severus Snape. R.) for kellychambliss
  • "The Perils of Arousal on School Grounds" (Dudley Dursley/Millicent Bulstrode. R.) for nothorse
  • "Nobody's Hero (Except for Maybe Yours)" (Antonin Dolohov/Draco Malfoy. PG.) for rilla_licious
  • "By Theft or Force" (Dolores Umbridge/Arabella Figg. NC17.) for _hannelore
  • "Fools in Love" (Julian Williamson/Nymphadora Tonks, Alastor Moody/Nymphadora Tonks. NC17.) for raven_cromwell
  • "Sanctuary" (Millicent/Hermione, past Millicent/Viktor Krum. PG.) for the HP Beholder Community
  • "Centaurs and Merfolk" (Millicent Bulstrode/Dudley Dursley, past Millicent Bulstrode/Vincent Crabbe. PG.) for anguis_1
  • "No Charity" (Aunt Marge/Rita Skeeter. PG.) for donnaimmaculata
  • "The Ten Month Career of Professor R. J. Lupin" (Lupin/McGonagall, Snape/McGonagall. PG-13.) for shadowycat
  • "A Lonely Road" (Severus Snape/Aberforth Dumbledore. R.) for the HP Beholder Community
  • "Twists of Fate" (Emmeline Vance/Amelia Bones. PG-13.) for dexstarr
  • "Be Here Now" (Antonin Dolohov/Various. PG-13.) for alley_skywalker
  • "we lay together on a cold hard floor" (Peter Pettigrew/Severus Snape. R, Underage.) for mindabbles
  • "A Night to Remember" (Amelia Bones/Rufus Scrimgeour. R.) for the HP Beholder Community
  • "A Guide and Not a Jailer" (Alastor Moody/Nymphadora Tonks. NC-17.) for ragdoll
  • "A Properly Improper Love Affair" (Garrick Ollivander/Pomona Sprout. PG-13.) for katmarajade
  • "A Gramarye of Folk Magic" (Aberforth Dumbledore/Severus Snape. NC-17.) for evensong14
  • "Cat Ladies" (Arabella Figg/Dolores Umbridge. PG.) for The HP Beholder Community
  • "Straight on 'Till Morning" (Rufus Scrimgeour/Alastor Moody. PG-13.) for fluffyllama
  • "Working Things Out -aka- The Delicate Dance of the Happy Tentacula" (Undisclosed. R.) for the HP Beholder Community
  • "Elegy for a Goat" (Aberforth Dumbledore/Severus Snape. PG-13.) for pauraque
  • "A Short Treatise on the Social Lives of Ghosts" (Cuthbert Binns/Grey Lady, Cuthbert Binns/Horace Slughorn, Moaning Myrtle/Nearly Headless Nick, The Fat Friar/The Wailing Widow. PG.) for the HP Beholder Pinch Hitters

    If you have not yet had time to read or view your gift, please consider touching base with your author/artist (or with me) before the reveals.
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